Benefits of Score88Poker Online Site


prelevaemail.comBenefits of Score88Poker Online Site.

Why choose Score88Poker?

Score88Poker is one of the leading gambling agent site of Indonesia that is widely popular among their locals. As we know Poker is dealt with set of card games where real money, applied skills and strategies are used by the players sitting around the table. The player who wishes to know about the jackpot prizes should check thisĀ Poker online indonesia site. Although there are various other poker sites available on Internet this site is most trusted and offers 24 hour of non-stop entertainment to its customers. You can play its games on smart phones, laptops, tablets and PCs.

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Benefits of Score88Poker Online Site:

This site is accessible on tablets, android phones, blackberry, and ipad. Using these bonuses and referral deposits the players can try their hand on progressive jackpot rounds and win real cash.

List of games played on this site are Texas Poker, Domino QQ, SUPER 10, BANDAR CEME, OMAHA, CEME AROUND and CAPSA SUSUN. Both the beginners to existing players after depositing Rs.10, 000 minimum amount get registered into this site to play different games online. For any transactions like deposits and withdrawals use any of the following banks like BRI, BCA, MANDIRI, BNI, CIMB NIAGA dan DANAMON.

Try your luck to win the 12.5 million poker tournaments which is about to start on this site. Get advantaged of referrals and bonuses of this site. The player can spread their referral link on forum, or twitter. They can even use social media platforms like Facebook to post their comments, and install the link on blog or deploy the links further to Email contacts. If required to check about referral links then just visit the Socker88Poker site and click on referral links. Same applies for total commissions and the amount can be withdrawn on every Thursday.

When a new member sign ups into their account they are offered 10{4422c6bf103729df6c927bfdc45de1b193a0b9ca92ccf0351e904ff9735ea2d1} bonus, the referral bonus is 15{4422c6bf103729df6c927bfdc45de1b193a0b9ca92ccf0351e904ff9735ea2d1} and cash back amount is 5{4422c6bf103729df6c927bfdc45de1b193a0b9ca92ccf0351e904ff9735ea2d1}. All these bonuses and referral deposits are directly credited into their bank account. The cash prize for Progressive Jackpot is around Rs. 863, 518, 430. If any player wishes to play Jackpot then can buy it for 100 Rupiah and make millions from it after winning the jackpot round. This is not compulsory to buy but is provided by the Score88Poker site to the players as an additional benefit. The various prizes offered for Jackpot system are:

Full House: 1000 x 10= 10,000

Four of Kind: 1000 x 250= 250, 000

Straight Flush: 1000 x 1200= 1, 200, 000

Royal Flush: 1000 x 10000= 10, 000, 000

Super Royal Flush: 1000 x 30000= 30,000,000


Enrol into Score88Poker one of the leading poker site of Indonesia. If your want more information then please visitĀ Poker online indonesia site or make a phone call on their 24/7 helpline number. You can even take assistance of live chat. Benefit the 24 hours of unlimited entertainment provided by the site that is safe and secure. Take part in the jackpot round to make real cash worth millions of dollars using various bonuses, cash back amount and referral deposits.